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Hyderabad Cupcakes made a cupcake cake for my wedding with flavors that matched the theme of the wedding: Summer. The cupcakes were awesome and hit with our guests. Thank you, Hyderabad Cupcakes, for a fantastic wedding cake. - Mathew

Thanks for making my day so special.... really loved the service..... I am gonna visit Hyderabad cupcakes for all my upcoming occasions. - Ramya

Lovely cupcakes! Specially loved their Cupcake cake. It was so easy to serve at my kid's birthday party, didn't create a mess of icing as with regular cakes. Their wide range of flavors makes everyone happy! - Meenu

Thank you for catering the cupcakes at my wedding. They were delicious and really pretty, matching the theme colors of my dress. I appreciate the reasonable pricing too! Will order more soon!! - Sana

"Delicious cupcakes with beautiful decoration! 5/5!!" Sirisha

 "I gave an order for 20 cupcakes one day before for a Spinster's party. I am proud to have found Hyderabad Cupcakes who made them such a big hit! There was not a single person in the whole party who did not ask about the Cupcakes. Not only the decoration but the taste was also superb! Thank you for doing your best in such a short time!" - Mushk

"I would order from Hyderabad Cupcakes again. The cupcakes and cakes taste delicious and look very good" - Rashmi

"Hey! The cupcakes were awesome...all my friends luvd it! Thanks! :) - Priyanka

"Very tasty cupcakes! My daughter loved them. Thanks." - Sridevi

"The cupcakes were awesome... very delicious! My friends craved your cupcakes and really enjoyed the photo cupcake cake" -Sonali

"Tasted the cupcakes... we liked them a lot. My cousin will also call you for another order. I am going to order a photo cupcake cake later again!" - Neela 

"The cupcakes are so good, so delicious, awesome! My husband never eats cake but he loved your cupcakes." - Vatsala

"These are the best cupcakes I have ever found!" - Hasan Khan

While we get our new website up and running, please email me directly at  [email protected] or call at 9052265786 / 23315391 for questions & inquiries! Look forward to working with you :) Thank you!

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Choose from our extensive list of flavours for cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cake truffles, Cupcake Bouquets & Cupcake in a Jar
* New flavours added regularly!
* Prices subject to increase depending on inflation in cost of ingredients

Vanilla Delight- Moist vanilla cake with vanilla icing

Tangy Orange- Delicious orange cake with orange icing

Tangy Lemon- Citrusy lemon cake with a tangy lemon icing

Orange Cardamom- Decadent orange and elaichi cake with vanilla cardamom icing

Strawberry Lush- Yummy strawberry cake with delish strawberry icing

Pineapple Delight- Moist pineapple cake with pineapple icing topped with crushed pineapple

Raspberry Punch
- Refreshing raspberry cake with yummy raspberry icing

Butterscotch Rumble- Earthy butterscotch cake with caramel icing and crushed praline

Red Velvet- Moist red velvet cake with a creamy cream cheese icing

Pink Velvet- Tender pink colored cake with flavorful vanilla icing  

Blue Velvet- Buttery blue colored cake with smooth and creamy vanilla icing

Green Velvet- Lush green colored cake with yummy vanilla icing

Coconut- Succulent coconut cake with coconut icing, sprinkled with coconut flakes

Chocolate Delight- Luscious chocolate cake with creamy chocolate icing

Oreo Supreme - Luscious dark chocolate cake with Oreo Cookie icing

Espresso Punch - Moist flavorful coffee chocolate cake with mocha espresso icing

Choco-Peanut Butter - Delicious chocolate cake with yummy peanut butter icing

Choco-Orange - Classic combo of orange and chocolate cake topped with chocolate-orange icing

Choco-Coconut- Moist chocolate-coconut cake with decadent chocolate icing sprinkled with coconut

Mocha Truffle - Rich chocolate-coffee cake topped with chocolate mocha ganache

Vanilla-Choc - Moist vanilla-chocolate chip cake with vanilla icing sprinkled with chocolate chips

Tuxedo - Luscious dark chocolate cake with with cream cheese icing

Mango Delight - Delicious mango cake topped with creamy mango icing

Choco-Mango - Yummy mango cake topped with rich chocolate icing

Blueberry - Moist blueberry cake with refreshing blueberry icing

Boston Cream Delight- Moist vanilla cake filled with custard and topped with chocolate ganache and a drizzle of white chocolate

Rich Almond- Yummy almond cake with almond-vanilla icing topped with slivered almonds

Pina Colada- Moist pineapple and coconut cake with a lemony icing

Black Forest- Luscious chocolate cake with a cherry cream filling and vanilla icing

Tie & Dye- Vanilla flavored cupcake with a swirl of rainbow colors and your choice of icing

Neopolitan- A burst of 3 flavors in one! Marbled vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cake with your choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry icing

Apple Cinnamon- Succulent apple cinnamon cake with fresh apples in the mix!

24 Karrot- Fresh carrot cake with light cream cheese icing

Banana Split- Moist banana cake with a strawberry filling, topped with vanilla icing and drizzled with dark chocolate and crushed walnuts

German Chocolate- Tender chocolate cake topped with a buttery concoction of caramel, coconut and toasted walnuts with chocolate drizzle on top

Toasty Walnut- Rich walnut cake with vanilla icing topped with toasted crushed walnuts

Apricot (Qubani) Marvel- Tender vanilla cake filled with rich apricot filling topped with vanilla-apricot icing

Nutty Banana- Moist banana walnut cake with banana-vanilla icing topped with crushed nuts

Choco Almond- Rich chocolate almond cake with chocolate icing sprinkled with crushed 

Turtle cake- Rich chocolate cake filled with caramel and crushed walnuts or almonds with chocolate icing, drizzled with caramel and crushed walnuts or almonds

Fruit 'N' Nut- Rich Vanilla cake chockfull of dry fruits with vanilla or chocolate icing

Fruit 'N' Nut Chocolate Chip - Rich vanilla cake with dry fruits and chocolate chips with vanilla or chocolate icing

Cheesecakes/Cheesecake Cupcakes/Cheesecake in a Cup

Vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip, choco vanilla marvel, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, mango, Oreo


Chocolate Fudge
White Chocolate
Cookies & Cream
Peanut Butter-Chocolate
Chocolate Walnut
Chocolate Almond

Pie Pops

Sweet filling options
Mixed fruit
Coconut with dry fruit filling 

Savory filling options